Good Samaritans pull police officer from burning crash in Grays Ferry

A violent car crash between a police cruiser and a pickup truck shook the area at 28th and Tasker St. on Saturday night.

via Randy Gyllenhall/NBC 10
Photo from the scene via Randy Gyllenhall/NBC 10

The crash, which was first reported as a hit and run, was heard throughout the block and took a dramatic turn as the police cruiser erupted into flames with Officer Mark Kimsey trapped inside.

Two men, Dante Johnson (24) and Joe Chambers (17) sprung into action to help pull Officer Kimsey from the wreck. NBC10 reports that Chambers is a volunteer firefighter with Leedom Fire Company in Delaware County. The video shows heavy damage to the driver side of the car and Chambers said that “It was dented and wouldn’t open. The car caught fire. He said he couldn’t feel his legs. We had to drag him through the window and he was ready for it.”

Officer Kimsey sustained head trauma from the deployment of the airbag and burns to his legs. He was released from the hospital Monday night and hailed Chambers’ actions, calling him “my hero” during an interview.

As for Chambers, he suffered minor injuries as well and was treated. He even visited Officer Kimsey in the hospital.

Early reports that the black pickup truck had fled the scene were inaccurate. The driver was also injured in the wreck and needed immediate assistance. NBC10 reports that Chambers and Johnson also rescued the driver from the pickup.