Sate Kampar set to open next week on East Passyunk Avenue

Pretty soon East Passyunk Avenue will have even more diverse dining options.

Sate Kampar
Photo of Sate Kampar’s Ayam Kurma from their Facebook page.

Sate Kampar, the new Malaysian restaurant opening in The Bottle Shop’s former location at 1837 E. Passyunk Ave., will be opening on Wednesday, February 10.

This restaurant will be serving authentic Malaysian cuisine, based on owner Ange Branca’s hometown in Malaysia.

More from Eater:

The restaurant’s namesake item, saté — skewered and grilled marinated meats — will be flamed over custom grills loaded with coconut shell briquettes (again, imported from Malaysia). And since southeast Asia has an enormous Muslim population, there will be a separate halal grill for practicing guests searching for a taste of home. But while saté is the focus, the rest of the menu is meant for sharing. Back in December, the Brancas gave Eater a sneak peek of those share items as preliminary guidance for a cuisine mostly unfamiliar to those that stroll the Avenue known primarily for French and Italian restaurants. With a new cuisine, comes a new education, and the Brancas are ready to teach.

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  • February 17, 2016 at 12:52 pm

    I looked in the window today. They made that space look nice! I hope to try the food soon.

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