Spotted: Queen of Jeans sign gets a permanent home on the Avenue at South Fellini

Now that the King of Jeans sign and building are gone from the Avenue, you might be missing that loved or loathed imagery.

Photo courtesy of South Fellini.

Instead of the King of Jeans sign coming back in South Philly, Passyunk Square now has a permanent Queen of Jeans sign at the recently-opened South Fellini store at 1507 E. Passyunk Ave.

The sign will no doubt be nostalgic for those who knew and loved the King of Jeans sign. If you recall, back when the King of Jeans building was demolished and the location was still a pit, a banner of the Queen of Jeans was installed on the fencing. Since then, South Fellini has incorporated that role reversal design into t-shirts and pins sold at their store.