We can work it out…

Recently I offered some dietary suggestions to help you hold off the “Pandemic 10” weight gain. I’ll be honest, I should have followed that advice a bit more myself. Some of you might have already done some damage to the beach body you had planned. Don’t worry, there’s time to get things moving along again. 

With gyms and studios closed indefinitely, we’re having to face the fact that the ‘new normal’ might be with us awhile. So let’s see what we can do. [As always, follow the advice of your healthcare provider before making any sudden changes in your activity level.]

First, some fitness clubs are offering their group classes on their website and via social media. Some options:

Among the many virtual classes provided by the Free Library of Philadelphia are the Fumo Family’s Branch’s Virtual Mindfulness Meditation with Miss Abbe. Also check out the branch’s Armchair Yoga.

Philadelphia Parks & Recreation is posting daily “Parks & Rec @ Home” videos  on Facebook. The themed days include “Movement Mondays” and “Wellness Wednesdays.”


Beyond the local options, YouTube offers thousands of workout videos. Amazon Prime also has a large selection, including Beginners Power Yoga for Weight Loss, which I find very helpful right about now. Providers like Xfinity, Roku and Verizon are offering free channels during this time, including Grokker, which has exercise videos. 

Finally, I highly recommend the “housework workout” method. Throw in some extra lunges with the vacuum cleaning. Do some power cleaning (scrubbing the tub with extra fervor can be excellent for your upper body). Do squats while you brush your teeth. Run up and down the stairs. Have a dance party in your kitchen. Gardening is also an excellent work out—provided you have the supplies and don’t need to risk your health to get them. And you can still enjoy a walk or hike outside, provided you practice the required 6′ social distancing. 

On the days I feel like a dog doing zoomies around the room, a work out calms me down. Hopefully, it’ll help you, too. Whether it’s easy or complex—every bit helps! 

Nurse Cyndie is a Registered Nurse with 17 years of experience. She also has a Bachelor’s in Psychology. She encourages you to ALWAYS check with your health care provider (via Telahealth or a virtual check-up) before beginning a new workout or dietary regimen.