Yoga to help you “get unstuck”

With the continued closure of gyms and fitness studios during the coronavirus pandemic, we’re all looking for ways to stay fit, both physically and mentally, at home. Yoga, a mind-body practice, is a very effective way to manage stress. Yoga focuses on breathing and physical poses so it is more accessible to people of all fitness levels than other activities. It also works well at home because you can practice by yourself in a small space with very little equipment.

Wake Up Yoga teacher Sarah Kowalski feels that yoga is particularly helpful during the pandemic because it gives you time to pay attention to how you feel “during this strange pause.” Her offerings are geared towards helping people feel more grounded, “turning off the inner critic, and accessing different parts of the brain.” She uses a slow, steady style of yoga (“restorative”) in all of her classes.  

Check out her how-to video that shows a simple de-stress exercise you can (and should!) do right now.

Kowalski is also hosting several online Zoom classes.  She says her Thursday class, titled “Getting Unstuck,” should make you “feel like you just got a massage, a little bit of exercise, and took a nap.” It’s a perfect antidote to the quarantine blues.

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I'm thinking about *connections* this week in classes. . . The word "connect" comes from the Latin for "to bind together." . . I just mended a long rip in our duvet cover — needle and thread, in and out. . . I've been reconnecting with old friends I hadn't seen in a long time. But also feeling disconnected — separated — from a lot of people and places and things I would usually be connected to. . . And there's this thing I've been doing with my breath — really honing in on the *connection* between inhale and exhale as a gentle handshake, or a slow-motion baton pass in a relay — a real honoring of that tiny moment of *connection* when one part of the breath meets the next. . . It's feeling good. In class tomorrow, we'll breathe like this, and connect movement to breath, and mind to body. . . Because human life is this thing that keeps moving, it feels like working with *connection* is always relevant. . . For you to ponder: what's bound too tightly, and wants to remember it can separate? What's gotten a little disconnected, and wants to remember how to hold hands again? . . I'd love to see you on the other side of the screen. There's a link in my bio ("online offerings") that will get you where you need to go to register. All classes are East Coast time, but it's been fun to see people from all over the country. 🤗 . . #gentleyoga #phillyareayoga #onlineyogaclasses #connection #etymology #slowyoga #accessibleyoga #gettingunstuck

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For more information on Kowalski’s classes, check out her website, or look for her on Facebook or Instagram.