Korshak Bagels: doughing his part, poetically

Philip Korshak is offering up incredible bagels—with a spread of poetry—at his new shop in East Passyunk Crossing.

Given his background as a writer, Philip Korshak knows that excellence takes time to achieve. Since May 14, he has applied that same thinking to his eponymous bagel establishment at 1700 S. 10th St., relying on a two-day slow-rise process to perfect his creations.

While great stories and delicious delights need moments to foster, the development of a fruitful connection between Korshak Bagels’ products and patrons’ taste buds has proven an immediate boost to the neighborhood, as the goodies have become instant hits. 

“It’s the rarity of things that highlights their specialness,” the affable bagel monger recently said outside the shop. “Yes, the bagels take a relatively long period for people to enjoy, but we’re basing what we do on science, and we know that if we force or bully the dough, it won’t respond and everything will go awry.” 

Korshak’s crew’s doughy delights are available Wednesday through Sunday from 8 a.m. until 2 p.m., or until their handiwork sells out.

The menu feature eight “tried-and-true” options includeing poppy, onion, garlic, and everything choices. Among the six “with the fancy” options are a Cooper Sharp long hot brainchild. There’s also a variety of schmears, chutneys, and jams to top things off.

“We want to further the thinking that people can experience joy when eating,” the proprietor said. “Grains have been huge to people throughout recorded time, so when you’re able to respect what you’re working with, the results should be great. In fact, because we’ve been so loyal to the time that everything takes, I have liked hearing people say, ‘I didn’t expect this.’ That’s much better, believe it or not, than hearing, ‘This is the best bagel that I’ve ever tasted.” 

While the businessman certainly wants for people to count the site’s wares among their favorites, Korshak also wants the destination to build camaraderie among the community and initiate change within the food industry. The camaraderie-building is taking place among those who converse while waiting in lines for the bagels.

Korshak hopes his staff will incite change in the industry as they move on to advance their culinary careers. Both motives come from his belief, as stated on the bagel haven’s website, that “Our walls, literal and metaphorical, offer a place of safety, acceptance, and celebration.” 

“The receptivity has been incredible so far,” Korshak said of the months that the space has peddled bagels. He’s also taken to philosophizing about our combined journey in life in poems that he tapes to the shop’s front door and publishes via Instagram. 

“There’s a ton involved in all of this, but I’m really happy that I’m uniting people who want great bagels with individuals who help me to understand even more about the joys of being an employer who wants to treat everyone with dignity.”

With online ordering coming soon, his workers figure to be even busier preparing singles, half-dozens, dozens, and seven-bagel offerings dubbed clutches. Holding that “every bagel is a love letter,” he intends to deepen the area’s affection for their products as the summer unfolds and promises to be a committed creator who looks to impress each day. 

“This is such a wonderful area to be in,” Korshak, whose bagels initially won regard when he oversaw a pop-up shop within the Italian Market-situated Angelo’s Pizzeria, said. “We’re fortunate to be here, and I want to give everyone our best every time they call on us.”

Korshak Bagels
1700 S. 10th St.