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Write for Us

We here at Passyunk Post have recruited some great contributors but we’re always looking for creative go-getter types who like South Philly so much that they want to tell lots of people about it. If you’re one of those kind of people, then you should contribute to the Passyunk Post.

We’ve already expanded past our historical boundaries of East Passyunk to broaden our reach into Pennsport, Newbold, Point Breeze, LoMo, Bella Vista and G-ho. But we need some help doing that through your short news stories and photo essays. You get some exposure for your work (but no pay at this point, sorry), we get help increasing our coverage and our readers get more information. Everybody wins.

To get more information about writing for us or submitting photo essays, email us at Please include a couple paragraphs about yourself and why you think you’re right for us. Feel free to include anything that might get our attention, like previous writing/photography experience.

A few caveats (there’s always something, right?). You must live or work in South Philly and you should know the subjects we already cover – development, food news, events, quality of life and anything else that’s new south of South Street. You should also be a curious, self-motivated person who has plenty of ideas on what to write about. Also, no real-estate pros, sorry.

Send us an email post haste and we’ll be sure to get back to you right away.

Albert Stumm
Founder, Editor, Passyunk Post

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